Hazel Ridge Workshop & Gallery

Around the Farm - Critters

Baby Bluejay      Baby Rabbit

Baby Red-Winged Blackbird      Bat

Cooper's Hawk      Fawn

Pigeons      Ringneck Pheasant

Stinky      Opossum

Moth      House Wren

Eastern Milk Snake      Turtles Sunning

Raccoons      Red Fox

Screech Owl      Young Robbyn and Young Owlet

Best Buds      Jackson Sharing Dinner

Jackson's Tombstone      Corvis the Crow

Orphaned Fawns      Kelly and Woodchuck

Bullfrog      Tree Frog

Checking Bees      Flock

Feeding      Feeding Time

Mom & Chicks      The Girls

Buddy      Myles

Bob      Bob's Brother

Buddy & Miles      Myles, Buddy, Bob & Bob's Brother

Heather Painting      Kelly Painting

Fashion Girls      Noorah

Heather & Noorah      Noorah

Kelly WWOOF'ing in Kasson, Mn.      Nick & Robbyn

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